The Life Startup

I’ve started many businesses.  I’ve failed at most of them. 

Lately, I’ve been thinking about those failures more and more.  And you know what, I’m happy to have them.

Here’s why.

Failing at anything, at least in my life and I suspect yours too whether you know it or not, has been the only reliable compass.

Take a relationship.  You invested yourself in someone for years.  You’ve loved them and poured your heart and soul to them.  You’ve promised to give them the best of you.


All of a sudden, something happens, almost out of left field.  The relationship is over.

In reflection, you can see how it wasn’t really meant to be.  You now know why that person wasn’t for you.  And eventually, you can see why it’s best that the relationship didn’t work out.

Which, I now know, is totally awesome!  Because that failed relationship has taught you what you really want in your next relationship and for the rest of your life.

You can now weed out all the prospects that resemble the past and search for extreme satisfaction and happiness.

The whole purpose of failure is to learn.

That’s why, at 36 years old (almost 37), I think I’ve finally figured something out.

In regards to entrepreneurship and money…focusing on money first and what you think you can profit on first is the worst guide.

I can count at least 8 miserable business creations that I started.  All 8 began with one thing in mind…money.

Don’t get me wrong, money is necessary.  I like money.  I like the amenities that it can bring to and enrich our lives with. 

But, no more will I martyr happiness for money.

Which is why I’m glad I have so many entrepreneurial scars.  And after thinking, I think that 8 is a modest number.  I think it’s more like 12 or 13 hardcore business ships I’ve sank.

All because of the search for that dollar.

Those failings, are now my guide.

I now know why they failed.

I now know that any entrepreneurial endeavor I attempt must be cemented in passion.

No more will I begin something without genuine passion for the project.  Even if it means high profit. 

Failure is eminent.

Passion is like water.  It has a way of filling every space that it encounters.

With passion, you won’t start something you will eventually hate.

I’ve started businesses knowing full well that I don’t like it and that I was only doing it for money. 

I cheated my clients and customers out of an amazing buying experience from someone who truly was passionate about that particular product or service…all for money.  I deserved to fail.  The Universe was bludgeoning me with what I already knew but was too stubborn and stupid to fully comprehend.  All the signs pointed me in the right direction, but I ignored them.

Some say that passion doesn’t equal money in business.  I agree…it doesn’t.

Some say that when you begin with passion the money will come.  That’s not true.  But, you have more hope of making lasting profit with passion than without.  The brother and sister to passion are drive and tenacity, they won’t accept no for an answer.

When you begin a project, an endeavor, or a job with passion, you’re already a success.

You can look in the mirror and smile.  You can start each day with genuine excitement.  You don’t wake up at 3am with stabbing pains in your stomach. You don’t fear your cell phone ringing. 

Here’s the coolest thing about passion.  It gives the world your best.  You owe it to the world to pursue your true passions in life.  Otherwise…you’re a cheat…you’re a hack…and you’re creating problems for yourself that you’ll have to answer to at some point.

You’re cheating the world out of someone who really is amazingly passionate about whatever it is you’re forcing yourself to do.

You owe it to your Maker, your wife, your husband, your children, your mom, your dad, your employees, and all of humanity itself to give your best, and only your best.

Passion only welcomes your best.

So, right now, think about your life.  Think about your businesses or your job and ask yourself if you’re really, truly, giving the world your best.

If owe yourself and the world more. 

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